Ted Waite (long term musical pal) reviews "Real Surprise"

Nov 30, 2011
"A Musical Selection Box!"

Ted Waite was the front man of the acclaimed Leeds band City Limits in the early 1980's. He is also the proud father of George Waite, the front man of the acclaimed band "The Crookes". Ted has known Mike since the mid-80s and performed alongside him many times.

Ted's assessment of "Real Surprise" is as follows:

"Real Surprise is, effectively, a musical selection box, crammed with melody and harmony – both hallmarks of Mike’s song writing – but with none of the less pleasant surprises often found in seasonal collections of confectionery.

These songs are a brief canter through four decades of Mike’s musical output, featuring songs old and new and a variety of styles, but all demonstrating his considerable talents as a singer, songwriter, musician and performer.

I confess to having known some of these songs for 25 years, but “Slipping Away” and “Where Did You Go?” sound as good now as they did back then, whilst newer offerings like “False Pretences” show how Mike has honed his craft, musically and lyrically, in the intervening period – and, for the muso’s amongst you, the resolve to B minor in the final chorus will make your hair stand on end.

Finally, in “I’d Lost The Plot” he declares he is no one trick pony. Those who have witnessed his live performance will readily testify to this assertion but, if evidence of his versatility were needed, this album provides it in abundance.

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