ANOTHER FLAME available!

May 14, 2014
After a few hiccups and CD replication issues, ANOTHER FLAME is now available! Details below...

We are delighted to announce that you can get your hands on the new album directly from Mike!

Track listing:

1. Another Flame - a full on three part soul track with brass section and fantastic harmonica solo from Simon

2. As Long As The Answer Is Yes - a smokey swampy blues number

3. Thought That I Was Missing Something - proof that Mike can really rock, great sax solo

4. A Piece Of My Mind - Lisa giving a bluesy dusting down

5. Reasons To Stay - a great hook complete with handclaps

6. Isn't This Where I Came In - Simon takes Mike even closer to Nashville...

7. I Can't Say No - Lisa's soulful interpretation of a Starkings "sad song"

8. Why Won't You Look? - waltz time + banjo and fiddle, where did that come from?

9. Don't Break Mine - described by one fan as "a worm of a song" - gets in your head...

10.Next Time - Lisa on fire

11.All She Wants To Talk About - lots of harmonies on a rocky base

12.Dancers On The Screen - an acoustic classic from Mike's back catalogue

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Mike Starkings - Another Flame

Another Flame, is available
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Mike Starkings - Real Surprise

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