Song & Guitar Lessons Harrogate

May 25, 2012

Mike has literally hundreds of songs in his repertoire and is regularly asked to assist aspiring vocalists/guitarists to arrange songs (and provide backing when needed) for them to either enjoy “in private” or as a party piece for appropriate functions.

Mike is now available for private lessons to provide the following:

  • Song selection
  • Key selection!
  • Guitar tuition
  • Chord positions/structures
  • Vocal phrasing

If you want to explore your hidden potential (with quality guitar and soundproof room provided!) contact Mike on 07720 293770 or at

“Mike's knowledge and enthusiasm combined with his pragmatic approach meant we very quickly identified what was possible. Very motivating!" Daniele Bovo

"Mike helped my quickly identify achievable goals through finding the right keys and the straight forward use of chords and the capo. Really stimulating – watch this space!" Frank Flaherty

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