Another Flame

"Another Flame" has been described by Trevor Raggatt in R2 Magazine as "Nuts and bolts bluesy rock, infused with country, soul and West Coast pop"


Another Flame

Dancers on the Screen

As Long As The Answer Is Yes

Why Won't You Look?

I Can't Say No


Full listing of Tracks on Another Flame:

  1. Another Flame
  2. As Long As The Answer Is Yes
  3. Thought That I Was Missing Something
  4. A Piece Of My Mind
  5. Reasons To Stay
  6. Isn't This Where I Came In?
  7. Why Won't You Look?
  8. I Can't Say No
  9. Don't Break Mine
  10. Next Time
  11. All She Wants To Talk About
  12. Dancers on the Screen

Real Surprise

The music styles covered on "Real Surprise" span blues, rock, latin and country to name but four music styles -
"Something of Quality … where have you been?" - Guy Fletcher

The versatility and creativity of all the musicians involved has resulted in an impressive variety of musical genres as you can evidence from the following samples.


I'd Lost The Plot

I Play The Game

The Girl Will Never Change

What I Really Meant To Say

False Pretences

Full listing of Tracks on Real Surprise:

  1. False Pretences
  2. I Play The Game
  3. Slipping Away
  4. I'd Lost The Plot
  5. Things That You Don't Know (About Me)
  6. What I Really Meant To Say
  7. The Girl WIll Never Change
  8. Nothing To Do WIth Me
  9. The Great Escape
  10. What You See Is What You Get
  11. Nothing New In Love
  12. Where Did You Go?
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