Mike Starkings has now released 2 critically acclaimed albums of his own songs - "Real Surprise" in 2011 and "Another Flame" in 2014. 24 songs in total which span a number of musical styles and it is difficult to "pigeonhole" Mike's music. R2 (Rock'n'Reel) Magazine gave a very positive review of "Another Flame" in their January/February 2015 issue in their "Roots" section describing it as "Nuts and bolts bluesy rock, infused with country, soul and West Coast pop". (Mike nearly missed the review because he was looking in the "Singer Songwriter" section!)

The common theme from all reviews and radio interviews (see the News section) is the quality of Mike's lyrics and his ear for melody - "Proper tunes".

Mike has been playing the guitar and singing professionally in various guises since the late 1970's.

Better known as "Mick Starkings" or "Micky Starkings" in his younger (hirsute) days, Mike's musical skills were crafted originally in university bars, rugby clubs and northern pubs. He quickly earned a reputation as an incredibly versatile performer of almost anything from the 60's and 70's as well as gaining recognition for his own material. Indeed Mike won a couple of "talent" competitions (including one run by "Melody Maker" for his songwriting and guitar playing at that time.

A successful career in the UK Corporate World distracted him (for a decade or two) but even within that  Mike gained a reputation for his musical prowess and his unique ability to entertain. He also continued to perform professionally and always continued to write songs.

In the late 90's Mike was a founding member of one of the UK's top entertainment bands - the "Nightjars" - and it was there that he forged an alliance with Lisa Mallaghan which proved to be the catalyst behind Mike concentrating full time on his own material.

Mike and Lisa started performing Mike's original material together in 2010 and the incredibly positive reaction to it finally forced Mike into the studio with Lisa, Mark Walker and Simon McGrath to record "Real Surprise". The same team (augmented with a number of other top Yorkshire session musicians) got back in the studio in 2014 and the result was "Another Flame"

A lot of people are delighted that he got there in the end.



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